Telecaster to 30″ Bass Conversion


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Due to ill health and age I am selling all my instruments and equipment. This is another Electric guitar body sent to me by my friends/luthiers. This is a Telecaster body which feels and looks like Alder.

I have always loved bass guitars so experimenting and converting electric guitars to the best usable bass I can is my passion I believe it’s hard to tell if these basses are full scale 34″ or short scakle 30, and so I experiment with various bass pickups and different brands and type of bass strings to get the warmest shapes tone the instrument will give me!

You can play anything on these ziggybass customn basses. Slap and Pop, Jazz, Rock, and latin rhythems. This is a one off and you wont find another one like it put together in this combination.. The pickups are original. The strings are D’Addira new out the box. So if the weight of a full scale bass has been a problem for you, you’ll find this instrument a good deal lighter. Likewise if your a small framed person or you just feel more cumfortable with a 30″ custom bass. This instrument will give you lots of opertunity to play at home, in church and live. Just plug it in and lay down the groove!

This custom home brew is very different from the Red Stratocaster. Obviously it’s black, but I decided it needed an unusual black and white pickguard so I set about looking for the right type and patterns until eventually I found this. I cut it by hand. You cannot use electrical tools on plastic. They cut too fast and melt and burn the plastic so it had to be cut one milimeter at a time with a small fret saw. I kept the original layout of the telecaster, but really fancied smooth lines and so burried 2  humbuckers beneath the pick guard and boy it looks cool! The look is really radical and the smooth fast neck make it a dream to play to!

Right now it has 45 to 100 Round Wound for a little more top end. It sports it’s original 2×2 Volumn and Tone Pots and the 3 way switch works like a 3 position varitone! Thiscustom Telecaster this is a hell of a lot of fun. And like the StratBass the neck is straight and the truss rod works. If your new to music/Guitar or bass this is a great and fun place to start.

Everything I am selling is mine collected over many decades. Or like this custome ziggybass assembled by me in my studio.

I would like you to think long and hard before ordering this instrument. I would like it to go to a good home. But if your not 100% delighted with this instrument I offer a  7 day 100% of your purchase price on receipt of the instrument returned in the condition it was dispatched to you-

So ask as many questions as you want to. I get just as much pleasure talking about my instrument as I do playing with them. and if you give me an email I will send you more photos to study! 🙂


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