Stratocaster to 30″ Bass conversion



My passion is to see old or damaged and abandoned instruments having new life breathed into them. I am also a bass fanatic and will also turn anything into a bass guitar. (A Cheese Board to a Dust Bun Lid).

Over the years what really bugged me was ignorant people describe short scale ( SS )·30″ bass’s as children’s size (Stupid/Ignorance!) The 30″ scale is a major player in modern music. From Jazz to Rock, even the Orchestra! Fender and Gibson produced their first 30″ basses more than 40 years ago! Look at the Gibson EBO and the Fender Jaguar, and there are so many others!

A while ago I got hold of three guitar bodies I had always wanted to experiment with SS bass. I thought ‘what a great idea if I could make these guitars back into instuments that others could use and maybe inspire some folks to do the same. The world never has enough Bass Players!

I have 3 Fender Precision Bass that are my passion. So I decided I would make something playable and as close sounding to a ‘Single Coil’ P Bass as was possible. I planned to make something I could sell and that someone else could either just play it, or for the more adventurous, a bass guitar they themselves could experiment with it. I wasn’t trying to start a business. I just thought how great it would be if I could capture as much of the real fender P Bass sound using the smaller lighter Strat/ Telecaster, body. I also wanted a bass anyone from a Pro to a novice could use. I also worked hard on the tone and changed the new strings 6 times.

I tried Dunlop, Rotosound, and even tried Tru Bass thats how determined I was. Tru Bass just busted a tuners which I had to replace.

Then D’addario XL Pro Light gauge were good. I decided the best were Fender flat wound. I used 50 to 100 so whoever buys this bass with it’s barking Wilkinson Single Coil Pickup may decide to drop down a size to 40 to 90’s + or -, when and if it suites them? I also included expensive wiring loom for volumn and tone that have solderless connestions. So if you want to try different pick up it’s just a matter of losening 2 screws and out pops the pickup wires- making it easy and clean to do and a lot faster if you have a gig!

I left the tremelo vent open to act as a kind of sound box and I actually notice the difference when I closed it in. There is still room for anyone to impose their personality on the instrument. If you put a little thought into it it’s easy to add a tremalo to this instrument. How about a Bass with Trem??


Anyway I have not spared any expence getting this bass that was just a lump of dead wood breathing again, but there is still plenty you can do to personalise it. I was going to make it a London Tribut Bass. Cover it in London Underground Station Names. The paint is actually Graffiti paint from ‘mtn Montana Colours’ I bought 3 , this one looks like it was made for this Strat Bass! So the younger guys will know where to buy this paint. This red is as close to the LT red as I could get. I think the red sparkle pick guard just screams ‘Rock ON!’

However I am now past 70 with poor health and so many projects to finish, I have to use my time to finish them,hope!

So this instrument has 4 Stanless Steel flat wound strings. You will love the smooth feel of these strings and they also help prevent blisters, well at first anyway!

Oh yes, I also kept the Stratocaster 3 way switch and wired it in to provide a kind of EQ. So when you move the 3 way switch the tone changes to. How cool is that!

Now you got to have fun with this. If you start a new band with this little monster they are going to hear you! So Slap and Pop, Rock and Souls, Blues ^ Jazz.

But this can still be a work in progress for you to have fun with. I have tested it today and I will test it again before I ship it to you. I will pack this instruments the way it should be packed!

I accept Returns as long as the instrument remains as described and packing is undamaged.  Please ask as many questions as you like ok? EADG!


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