Fender 1966 Precision Slab Bass. Rebuild. Fire Damage.

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Make & Model:

Fender 1966 Precision Slab Bass. Rebuild. Fire Damage.

Serial Number:

MZ9566388 (neck)


Arctic White (re-finish)


Body: 1966

Neck: Modern


0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   -9-   10 as new

Weight of guitar:

4.3 kgs


Length: 116.5×32.5 cm

Nut: 42 mm

Case?                                     YES – Fender

Dimensions of case:

Length: 185 cm including locking button

Width: 32.5 cm


Weight of case:

Shipping carton?                 YES

Dimensions of shipping carton:




Flight case?                           NO

Dimensions of shipping carton:




Weight of case:


I found this instrument fire damaged following a matrimonial dispute (Troubles at home? Do not leave your precious $10.000 instrument at home she thinks it’s worth a few hundred!). This bass had been smashed on the side of an oil drum incinerator and dropped in neck first. I pulled it out when I saw it and the women concerned yielded to my offer in euros for what remained. It has taken me 3 years to get it to play. Sadly the neck was just a stump. The lower waist area that gives all guitars that feminine shape had a huge gouge over 2 cm deep and 4 cm long. Like a machete had hit it. The wood was gone. Everything original I could save is fitted now. It took me a year to decide if it would be worth my effort to try a restoration. But in the end a bass has its own music and story to tell. So take it or leave it. Electronics, pots etc.… pickguard, thumb rest and pickup cover are original. Body reworked. Currently has a MIM neck MZ9566.

The strings are D’Adarrio  45 – 100 Round Wound and Kluson Tuners.

Price: Negociable


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