1st Edition Yamaha BB714BS, Bass Guitar, Volcanic Red, Signed.


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This is a professionally used instrument that has never been abused, never played metal on it. One careful driver.

This is my own instrument, its quite rare in that it is the first edition of this bass. It-s never been messed around with. Nothing added except flat wound strings! This bass has a lot of character built in due to the mix of pickups, both hum bucker and P pickups. Functions as both active and passive. Excellent Bass with a very fast neck, low action. Just had new set up *90 Quid(with flat wound strings. (40 quid). I have looked after her well. A few minor dings but nothing to spoil the lady!

I bought it with a signature said to be Billy Sheehan’s. But with or without the sig, It’s a great bass with wonderful tone!

It uses a mixture of Piezo and ceramic P bass and Hum bucker Jazz Pickups.

The neck is fast and clean and the frets have hardly any wear because I have too many bass guitars!. The neck has Red LED’s Fret/Octave markers. Works from a standard 9volt battery and a single toggle switch well placed. The Black case is included in the price. It is like new and well cared for:

I am sad to see this bass go. I have to sell everything!

I am sad that Age and ill health forces sale! Ask me anything about this lady!


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