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I started my love affair with the bass when I was just 13 years old, back in 1958. Friends and I started a Skiffle group called the Rangers and we stood outside pubs playing the latest Lonnie Donegan, Nancy Whisky or Johnny Duncan songs. When the local  Bobby came alone my mates scarpered. Easy for them. Huh! But I was the Bass player and carried a huge 24″x24″x24″ T Chest, Broom Handle, Cord for a String and a glove. Man I looked stupid trying to walk away looking innocent.

Christmas 1958 my mum bought me a second hand Fender P Bass on the never never! She cleaned for a the music shop on Shepherds Bush Green. I still have the receipt in her papers. My future was sealed. I would spend a lifetime as a wannabe haha! I never smoked, was terrified of drugs and booze made me giddy. Despite being on first name terms with the local giants of London rock. I contented myself with marriage and children and the chain gang 8 till 5pm work load and gigs when called upon!

Having retired on ill health grounds in 1996 I have filled my days with maintaining my instruments and playing when called upon (not much changes). Repairing instruments. I also make UBass, I get requests to research vintage Fenders generally and bring them back to life.

It’s Not Charity.

From time to time I get called upon to help someone who just cannot afford a big Luthier’s bill. So I keep a lot of used parts and, like last year, I hand cut a new Pick Guard for Frank Allen of the Searchers. Frank uses a custom copy of a Fender 1951 P Bass that was made by a Swedish Luthier. My guess was Fender Pick guards wouldn’t fit so I took a week to slowly cut a new guard using a fret saw. Frank was delighted and I was pleased to be able to do something for a great old 60s band.

From 1958 peddle 59 years on and at 73 and in extreme ill health I have to sell all my instruments, pedals and lose items. Hence this site which I hope you will enjoy.

As always, I’m happy to chat and offer help and tips to anyone building a project or needing a part they just cannot find.

I’m here to sell my stuff, but I am also here to make friends and help anyone that needs it while I still can!


MY passion is bass guitars which are as authentic as possible.

I have also made some modified guitars to short scale bass, like Telecasters and Strats. I still have one or two available for sale. I will post them here.

On this website I am selling all of the bass guitars I have worked on and rebuilt, along with a lot of great accessories I have accumulated over the years.

Some items you will see already have prices attached to them, other do not. Please don’t let that put you off, make an offer, let’s chat, you never know your luck and if you don’t see what your looking for, please ask!


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